Poltava Summer Camp


In the heart of the Poltava region, a beacon of joy came to life in the form of a summer camp, offering solace to internally displaced children traumatized by the war in Ukraine. Bereft of their homes and a sense of normalcy, these children found reprieve in the simplicity and joy of childhood, immersing themselves in games, activities, and plentiful food, provided generously by the charity, Hope For Ukraine (HFU). This camp, while a place of respite and laughter, was also a stark reminder of the heartbreaking innocence robbed by the atrocities of war. The only guilt these children bear is being unfortunate victims caught in the crossfire of adult conflicts.


Beyond the confines of the camp, HFU’s mission extended to provide aid packages to the parents, a small yet impactful gesture to alleviate the challenges faced by these displaced families. While these children rightfully deserve a life filled with play, laughter, and learning, they are instead burdened with worries about their next meal and haunted by the uncertainty of ever seeing their homes again. As we unite against the inhuman acts perpetrated by Russia, we are reminded of our responsibility to not forget these children.


They stand as symbols of resilience, innocence, and hope in a world darkened by conflict, deserving not only our sympathy, but our unwavering support and proactive help. DONATE NOW!

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