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Our Programs: Hope For Ukraine


At Hope For Ukraine, we are dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by the ongoing challenges in Ukraine. We strive to provide essential support and resources to vulnerable communities through various programs. Join us in our mission to bring hope, relief, and positive change to those who need it most.

Family Support Project

On average, 1500 families receive weekly assistance through the Family Support Project all across Ukraine. Families in war-torn Ukraine receive food kits that can feed a family of 4 for around 10 days and hygiene products and clothing provided during each aid giveaway event. Once active war ends in Ukraine, the Family Support Project will help families reach long-term stability to prevent academic disruptions for children by assisting families in moving from crisis to stability.

Over 3,000 children live with HIV. Hundreds of children were born with HIV unnecessarily in Ukraine last year because of a shortage of vital antiretroviral drugs. Hope For Ukraine is working with families who have HIV-positive children and medical institutions that treat HIV-positive children by providing funding for antiretroviral drugs. Kids who are HIV positive need these vital drugs daily so the HIV virus won’t progress.

Refugees Project

We run a refugee center in Lviv, Ukraine, that can house, on average, 80 individuals at a time. Since the full-scale war started on 02/24/22, we have provided shelter to more than 1300 internally displaced individuals. Our Refugee Project also assists Ukrainian refugees in Europe and the United States. Through shelter, resources, and assistance, we strive to ease the hardships those uprooted from their homes face. We aim to provide a safe haven for those displaced from their homes, away from their families.

A Child’s Smile Project

Through our “A Child’s Smile Project,” We are providing opportunities for children of war in Ukraine to be children again. Across Ukraine, our dedicated volunteers organize events and support clubs to bring smiles back to the faces of children affected by the ravages of war. We provide gifts and toys to young children for them to play with and distract them from the war. We help internally displaced children and orphans and empower them. Our camps help restore normalcy among children and help to enhance their skills. Join us in creating moments of joy and laughter, fostering resilience and hope among the youngest victims of conflict.

Medical Support Project

Through our Medical Support Project, we are providing medical supplies to hospitals in Ukraine. Additionally, we facilitate and finance medical treatments for individuals facing hardships, ensuring they receive the care they urgently need. We aim to provide the most needed medical assistance in times like this, and we highly appreciate your help. Help us strengthen Ukraine’s healthcare situation and aid in a humanitarian cause. Together, let’s build a healthier and more resilient Ukraine.

Frontline Project

We supply food, first aid kits, hygiene products, and clothing to frontline heroes defending Ukraine from the Russian army. On the way back from the frontline, our volunteers rescue civilians from frontline towns and bring them to safety. Through the Frontline project, we aim to help Ukrainian soldiers defend the peace and integrity of Ukraine as well as rescue innocent civilians from the conflict areas. Please make a donation to HFU to aid the Ukrainian military. Your donation to Hope For Ukraine aids the military and vulnerable civilians caught in the crossfire.

Educational Project

Our after-school educational program allows children to build life and social skills by giving them access to high-quality extracurricular activities. We organize various programs to help children learn new skills. We also distribute arts and study supplies to children to inspire creativity. We also provide scholarships to help students from poor families. By fostering life and social skills, we contribute to the holistic development of the younger generation, preparing them for a brighter future. Your generous donations ensure these young children get a fair chance at a quality education, learn new skills, and shape up toward a bright future.

Christmas Joy Events

Every holiday season, our team distributes thousands of Christmas gifts for orphans and children from disadvantaged families all across Ukraine. We aim to provide warm clothes and food to as many families as possible every week. Your generous contributions help us succeed in our missions. Donate to our Christmas charity and support us in helping poor children in need during the holiday season. Your support of our Christmas charity ensures that every child experiences the warmth and joy of the holiday season.

Join Our Movement

Your contribution matters. Join Hope For Ukraine in making a meaningful impact. Donate, volunteer, and be a part of our movement to bring hope and positive change to the lives of those affected by adversity. Together, we can create a brighter tomorrow for Ukraine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of programs does Hope for Ukraine offer?

Hope for Ukraine offers a diverse range of programs, including education initiatives, healthcare support, empowering children, community development, and humanitarian aid projects. Our goal is to address various needs and foster holistic positive change.

How can I get involved in Hope for Ukraine's programs?

Getting involved is easy! You can explore volunteer opportunities, make a donation, or contact us directly to discuss partnership possibilities. Your support, whether time or resources, contributes to our collective impact. Visit our donations page to learn more.

How does Hope for Ukraine ensure transparency in program implementation?

Transparency is a core value. We regularly update our website with detailed reports on program progress, expenses, and outcomes. We also welcome inquiries and provide transparent financial statements to maintain accountability. Visit our financials page to learn more about how and where we spend the donations.

Are there specific regions in Ukraine where Hope for Ukraine focuses its programs?

Our programs are designed to address needs across Ukraine, including both urban and rural areas. We strive for widespread impact, ensuring that our initiatives reach communities in various regions of the country. However, we focus more on areas that are majorly impacted due to the ongoing war.

How can I stay updated on Hope for Ukraine's program activities?

Stay informed by visiting our website regularly. We provide detailed information about each program, along with updates, success stories, and announcements. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for periodic updates. We also upload our events on social media handles.

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