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Join us in providing vital medical support to Ukraine. Your contribution ensures access to life-saving care for those in need. Donate to HFU for medical relief for Ukraine and make a difference.


Medical Support Project


Within our Medical Support Project framework, Hope for Ukraine is deeply committed to strengthening Ukraine’s healthcare infrastructure. Many Ukrainian hospitals are destroyed by bombings and they lack medical resources. They are in dire need of financial support for rebuilding.We focus on providing essential medical equipment, aid, and supplies to Ukrainian hospitals, with a special emphasis on children’s hospitals. Our efforts extend more than just material assistance, containing initiatives that enhance the overall medical capabilities of healthcare institutions in the region, contributing to the well-being of patients and the effectiveness of medical professionals. Donate medical supplies Ukraine to support more regions like this.

Within the Medical Support Project, the positive impact unfolds through stories like that of a Ukrainian teenager whose scoliosis correction surgery, sponsored by our commitment, signifies the transformative power of generosity and collective efforts to redefine futures. In Kramatorsk, Donetsk, our volunteers deliver essential supplies, emphasizing children’s provisions and medical necessities, showcasing the human spirit’s strength in adversity.

In Western Ukraine’s remote corners, our devoted team aids internally displaced families, providing essential supplies amid the aftermath of war, striving to spread hope in their unbroken spirits and spread a positive impact in their lives. Further south, as part of the ongoing Medical Support Project, our volunteers are crucial in delivering vital medical aid and supplies to healthcare institutions. Our mission also extends to economic support, absorbing medical bills for those navigating urgent medical conditions. Through the Medical Support Project, we tirelessly strive to make a difference in the lives of those in urgent need. We donate medical supplies to Ukraine amidst the chaotic war.

What Does Your Help Mean To Us?

Your support is a lifeline for our Medical Support Project, translating into concrete relief for Ukrainian healthcare. By contributing, you play a crucial role in delivering vital medical equipment and supplies to hospitals, including those dedicated to children’s healthcare. Your assistance goes beyond material aid; it signifies a collective commitment to the health and well-being of needy individuals. The donated medical supplies is distributed to various Ukrainian hospitals including children’s hospital. With your help, we provide medical supplies for Ukraine, strengthen healthcare facilities and offer hope and healing to those relying on medical services in Ukraine. Please donate now to Ukraine medical charity and be a part of this greater humanitarian cause. Donate medical supplies to Ukraine by financially supporting our cause.

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How Can You Donate to Ukraine Medical Charity?


Donating to our Medical Support Project is a direct and impactful way to contribute to the health of Ukrainian communities. To make a difference today, explore various avenues for donation, including online options and specific initiatives under the Medical Support Project. Your commitment is pivotal in strengthening Ukraine’s healthcare infrastructure, assuring medical relief for Ukraine and ensuring access to essential medical resources for those in need. Here are some ways you can donate to the Medical Support Project by Hope For Ukraine and provide medical aid to Ukrainian people.

ACH and Wire Transfer:

Account Number: 863626821

Routing/ABA Number: 021000021

After an ACH transfer, kindly send an email to so that we can acknowledge your generous contribution.

Donate by Check:

Make your check, including IRA/QCD transfers, payable to Hope For Ukraine, Inc.

Mail it to:

Hope For Ukraine

101 Eisenhower Pkwy STE 300

Roseland, NJ 07068

Donate Stocks:

Visit our Stock Gifting page for a seamless stock donation process.

Donate through PayPal or Venmo:

PayPal: Donate via PayPal

Venmo: @HopeForUkraine

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a man and a woman standing next to a table full of medical supplies.

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Medical Support Project

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary focus of the Medical Support Project?

The Medical Support Project primarily focuses on enhancing healthcare in Ukraine by providing essential medical equipment, aid, and supplies to hospitals and helping people in need.

How can I contribute to the Medical Support Project?

You can contribute to the project by making a financial donation. Your support enables us to procure and distribute crucial medical equipment and supplies to hospitals, supporting the overall well-being of patients and medical professionals.

What kind of impact does the Medical Support Project have on the ground?

The project has a impact on the healthcare infrastructure in Ukraine. It provides essential medical resources and help people struggling with medical bills.

Are there opportunities for volunteering or hands-on involvement in the Medical Support Project?

Currently, the project primarily relies on financial contributions. However, you can explore other volunteering opportunities within Hope for Ukraine, contributing to various initiatives aimed at supporting communities in need.

How transparent is the donation process, and how can I track the impact of my contribution?

We prioritize transparency in our donation process. Once you make a contribution, you’ll receive updates on how your support is making a difference, including specific details on the deployment of medical supplies and the areas impacted by your generosity.

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