Transforming Lives, Renewing Hope
Our Mission

Explore Hope for Ukraine’s mission: Transforming lives, renewing hope in Ukraine. We are committed to empowering individuals and communities, fostering positive change, and creating a brighter future for Ukraine through our dedicated initiatives.


Bringing Hope to Ukraine since 2016: Our Mission


Welcome to Hope for Ukraine, where our mission is centered around compassion and positive change. We are dedicated to supporting those in need, addressing various aspects of well-being, from basic necessities to education and healthcare. Our purpose is to serve individuals and families of the poorest communities in Ukraine. We were founded out of a need to raise awareness for voices not heard. We have continued to make a difference with the help of our donors and volunteers who make our mission possible. Through all these years, our purpose remains the same: advocate change through action.

Nurturing Families: Clothes, Food, and Shelter

At Hope for Ukraine, we understand the fundamental needs of families for a secure and stable environment. We are on a mission to provide essential items such as warm clothes, feeding families, and safe shelter. Your support ensures that families can thrive despite challenging circumstances.

Empowering the Future: Children First

Children are the future, and we believe in empowering them to reach their full potential. Our initiatives focus on empowering children by providing educational opportunities, mentorship, and resources that contribute to their overall well-being and development. We are on a mission to help children live like children without any worries.

Healing Through Medical Relief

In times of crisis, access to healthcare is crucial. Hope for Ukraine is dedicated to providing medical relief and support to those in need. Your contributions directly impact the health and well-being of individuals, ensuring that they receive the care and attention they deserve.

Supporting the Frontline Heroes

Our gratitude extends to the brave individuals at the forefront of challenges. Hope for Ukraine is committed to helping frontline heroes by providing the necessary resources and support they need to continue their vital work. Your contributions enable us to stand in solidarity with those who selflessly serve others.

Extending a Helping Hand to Refugees

The plight of refugees is a global concern, and at Hope for Ukraine, we are committed to making a difference. The number of refugees is increasing because of the war, and we are doing our part to help displaced refugees. By offering support and resources, we aim to provide a lifeline for refugees, helping them rebuild their lives and find a sense of stability in their new surroundings.

Transforming Lives Through Education

Education is a catalyst for change, and at Hope for Ukraine, we strive to improve education for all. Through various programs and initiatives, we work towards creating a brighter future by enhancing educational opportunities and access to knowledge. Donate to Hope For Ukraine to support child education.

Join Us in Making a Difference

As a supporter of Hope for Ukraine, you play a crucial role in our mission to bring about positive change. Together, we can impact the lives of families, refugees, children, and frontline heroes. Join us in creating a better, more compassionate world. Together, we make a positive difference. Donate today to make a contribution to this great humanitarian cause.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of Hope for Ukraine?

Hope for Ukraine is dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to families in need, supporting communities, fostering education in Ukraine. Our goal is to advocate change through action. We request you to join our cause and support us.

How does Hope for Ukraine work towards achieving its mission?

We employ various strategies such as fundraising, community outreach, partnerships with local organizations to effectively address the challenges and needs outlined in our mission. Our dedicated volunteers help us to carry out our events.

Who does Hope for Ukraine aim to assist?

Our mission is designed to assist displaced families, families in need, vulnerable children, and communities affected by conflict. We also aim to assist our heroes fighting for us and refugees that have been forced to leave their homes due to the war.

How can individuals get involved in supporting Hope for Ukraine's mission?

Individuals can get involved by volunteering, making donations, participating in fundraising events. Please reach out to us and we can find a suitable volunteering task for you. You can make a donation to us in various ways, check out our donations page for more details.

What impact has Hope for Ukraine made since its inception?

Since our inception, we have provided more than 81 million meals, rescued over 825 individuals, supported over 52 hospitals, delivered over 1846 tonnes of aid, helped over 1.6 million families, and sheltered 1,500+ refugees. We are committed to helping more individuals and families and are steadfastly dedicated to our mission.

How transparent is Hope for Ukraine about its mission and activities?

Transparency is a core value for us. We regularly update our financial Reports on our financials page to provide detailed information about our activities, finances, and overall organizational performance. We have also received Transparency awards from multiple global organizations like the Charity Navigator and Guidestar (Candid).

Are there specific projects or campaigns associated with Hope for Ukraine's mission?

Yes, we are currently involved in numerous programs. Visit our Programs page for more information.

Does Hope for Ukraine collaborate with other organizations or partners to achieve its mission?

Yes, collaboration is integral to our approach. We work with individual volunteers througout our missions. We have also partnered with multiple global organizations to leverage collective resources and expertise in achieving our mission.

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