Our Financial Statement, Annual Report & Public Form 990

Explore through the detailed financial data showcasing our nonprofit’s transparency. Explore years of comprehensive reports, public forms, and key metrics, underscoring our commitment to accountability and the impact of your support.


We Have a Responsibility to Our Community and Our Donors.


At Hope For Ukraine, our dedicated efforts ensure the enduring sustainability of our organization. Your contributions are vital in supporting specific HFU projects and programs of your choice. Donors can anticipate a formal acknowledgment from us, facilitating the deduction of their contributions on individual tax returns.

Annually, HFU carefully completes Form 990, a required reporting return for tax-exempt organizations, filed with the US Internal Revenue Service. This comprehensive document sheds light on our mission, programs, and finances, underscoring our commitment to financial transparency.

Our annual report presents non-profit financial statements, including the non-profit income statement, functional expenses, cash flow statement, assets, investments, and other relevant information. This report is a testament to our commitment to accountability and responsible stewardship of your support. We believe in full disclosure, offering insights into our financial statement and showcasing the impact of your contributions.

Your generosity fuels our mission, and in the spirit of financial transparency, we invite you to explore the annual report, highlighting our successes and the careful management of resources. Our commitment to openness extends to the cash flow statement, illustrating the careful allocation and utilization of funds for maximum impact. Thank you for being crucial to Hope For Ukraine’s journey towards positive change.


Our Reports

2023 - Public Form 990

2023 - Audit Report

2022 - Public Form 990

2022 - Audit Report

2021 - Public Form 990

2020 - Public Form 990

2019 - Public Form 990

2023 – Year in Review

Here is the 2023 Hope For Ukraine Year in Review. This recap highlights the key achievements, influence, and narratives that depict a year of determination, growth, and steadfast commitment to our cause. Your contributions have made every moment significant. Witness how each accomplishment and story underscores the remarkable progress we’ve made together toward our shared mission.

2022 – Year in Review

Explore in detail the heart of 2022 with Hope For Ukraine’s Year in Review. Delve into the milestones, impact, and stories that define a year of resilience, progress, and unwavering dedication to our mission. Your support has made every moment count. Each milestone and story echoes the impact of your support, turning moments into meaningful strides toward our shared mission.


Hope For Ukraine is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Navigate the financial landscape with Hope For Ukraine’s W-9 form. Providing essential details ensures seamless transactions and compliance with tax regulations. Your cooperation fosters transparency and supports our commitment to responsible financial stewardship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hope For Ukraine EIN #?

Hope For Ukraine’s EIN is 81-1401967

Is this donation tax deductible?

HOPE FOR UKRAINE INC is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law. To claim a donation as a deduction on your U.S. taxes, please keep your email donation receipt as your official record. We’ll send it to you upon successful completion of your donation.

What is Hope for Ukraine's Mission?

Bringing hope to Ukraine since 2016! Hope For Ukraine’s purpose is to serve individuals and families of the poorest communities in Ukraine. Providing food, medical attention, shelter, and education for Ukrainians whose lives have been devastated because of war. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life of poor children and youth by providing basic necessities, critical benefits and services, programs that support long-term development, and opportunities that prepare them for success.

Is Hope for Ukraine a Trustworthy Organization?

Hope for Ukraine received awards and the highest possible ratings on Charity Navigator and Candid, two of the non-profit industry’s most respected charity rating organizations. We are proud that an average of 90 cents of every dollar donated to HFU is invested in delivering care and support to those in need.

Where Can I View Hope for Ukraine's Financials?

Check out all our 990s and audit reports.

Will I get a receipt?

Yes, you will receive an email receipt for your online donations, or a letter in the mail if we don’t have your email for checks, ACH and stock. If you made a donation a while ago and still don’t have a receipt, contact us at info@hfu.org.

Can I donate via ACH/wire?

Yes! Hope For Ukraine accepts donations via ACH and wire transfer. Account#: 863626821 Routing/ABA#: 021000021. Please follow up an ACH with an email to info@hfu.org so that we know who has donated!

Can I donate by check?

Yes! Make your check, including IRA/QCD transfers, payable to Hope For Ukraine, Inc. to: Hope For Ukraine 101 Eisenhower Pkwy STE 300 Roseland, NJ 07068

Can i donate stocks?

Yes! Please visit our Stock Gifting page: https://donatestock.com/hope-for-ukraine-inc

Can I donate using PayPal or Venmo?

You can find all our 990s and audit reports here https://hfu.org/who-we-are/financials.html

Why is financial transparency important for Hope For Ukraine?

Financial transparency is crucial to build trust with our community and donors. It ensures accountability, allowing stakeholders to understand how their contributions are utilized for positive impact.

Can I claim a tax deduction for my contributions to HFU?

Yes, donors giving contributions to HFU receive a written acknowledgment. This documentation enables you to claim deductions on your individual tax returns, making the process of supporting HFU financially rewarding.

What is Form 990, and why does HFU complete it annually?

Form 990 is an annual reporting return required by the US Internal Revenue Service for tax-exempt organizations. HFU completes it to provide a comprehensive overview of our mission, programs, and finances, demonstrating our commitment to transparency.

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