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Yuriy Boyechko, CEO of HFU, talks with KC O’Day about the organization and the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

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HFU is highlighted for its crucial role in delivering food and organizing field kitchens in Ukraine’s conflict zones.

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Ukrainian families get a taste of home in Highland Park

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HFU Teams Up with The Gadfly Project to Revolutionize Humanitarian Aid Efforts with Innovative Web App

Nj spotlight news news, issues and insight for new jersey.

2 years since the start of the Russian invasion into Ukraine, New Jersey continues to open its arms to the Ukrainian community.

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Hope for Ukraine Commemorates 2nd Anniversary of Ukraine War, Advocates for Foreign Aid Amid Ongoing Crisis

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Eric Kiefer’s article on HFU’s efforts to ease the suffering of Ukrainian civilians as war with Russia drags on in Europe.

Ground zero ukraine exposing war damage proof.

A human rights activist and film director partners with HFU to document Ukraine’s war impacts, revealing the resilience and unseen realities.

The cover of ukraine war and faith.

Yuriy Boyechko shares aid efforts in an interview that also delves into the complex dynamics of religion and politics in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

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Yuriy Boyechko discusses HFU’s humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and shares a hopeful perspective on the war’s impact.

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“Can I Go Home Now” a film documenting the Ukrainian war experience, focusing on the critical role of Hope for Ukraine in aiding refugees.

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Steve Adubato interviews Yuriy Boyechko about HFU’s support during the war and its personal impact on his family.

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Brenda Flanagan covers the hardships of Ukrainian refugees in New Jersey and Yuriy Boychenko’s significant aid efforts through HFU.

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Matthew Sedacca’s highlights Oksana Kovtun’s experiences and contributions as a volunteer with HFU amidst the country’s ongoing conflict.

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Podcast about HFU’s operations to provide food and relief supplies to Ukraine, achieving positive outcomes with its daily life-saving efforts.

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Podcast with Mark Pattison features HFU’s mission, challenges and where the war in Ukraine is going.

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Elaine Pofeldt discusses HFU’s aid in providing meals and shelter, highlighting the increased charitable giving in New York City and the U.S. post-pandemic.

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New Jersey’s Hope for Ukraine has sent 20 tons of donations in its 15th container since the war began.

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Shaylah Brown’s NJ.com discusses HFU’s efforts intensifying to provide extensive aid and shelter to Ukrainian refugees during the recent war.

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Yuriy Boyechko describes delivering 1,000 tons of aid to Ukraine and overcoming logistical challenges in war-affected areas.

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Yuriy Boyechko outlines the severe humanitarian challenges in Ukraine, particularly for children, and details his organization’s extensive relief work.

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Yuriy Boyechko and Salomiya Petrinko discuss their relief work during the war, including providing meals, shelter, and conducting rescue operations in Ukraine.

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Yuriy Boyechko, the president of Hope for Ukraine, talks to Fox News about the efforts to feed refugees amid the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

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HFU volunteer explains efforts to provide refugees with basic necessities and support, focusing on impact of war on children.

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Yuriy Boyechko’s live interview on Newsmax focuses on his efforts through Hope for Ukraine to assist those impacted by the crisis in Ukraine.

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News 12 highlights the large volume of donations from New Jersey to Ukraine, coordinated by Yuriy Boyechko and Hope for Ukraine.

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Greg Mocker features Hope for Ukraine’s efforts in collecting and distributing donations for Ukrainian refugees from their New Jersey storage facility.

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Melissa Rose Cooper describes how Yuriy Boyechko of Hope for Ukraine has evolved to address the urgent needs caused by the conflict in Ukraine.

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Michael Mancuso highlights a fundraiser by Brandywine Living’s residents with proceeds going to the Hope For Ukraine.

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Eric Kiefer’s covers the efforts of HFU in aiding Ukrainian refugees with essential services like housing and medical assistance.

CNN interviews Solomiya Petrenko, an HFU volunteer , about their work in aiding refugees and the impact of the Russian invasion on Ukraine.

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Recognizing HFU’s efforts of sending containers with humanitarian aid to refugees in Ukraine.


February 21, 2024
Hope for Ukraine Commemorates Second Anniversary of Ukraine War
Pr newswire logo on a white background.

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