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Have you ever had a question and didn’t know where to find the answer? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This section is a compilation of answers to the questions most commonly asked by our constituents. Just start by following one of the links below. If you can’t find the question you wanted to ask, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is Hope For Ukraine EIN#?

Hope For Ukraine’s EIN is 81-1401967

Is this donation tax deductible?

HOPE FOR UKRAINE INC is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law. To claim a donation as a deduction on your U.S. taxes, please keep your email donation receipt as your official record. We’ll send it to you upon successful completion of your donation.

What is Hope for Ukraine's Mission?

Bringing hope to Ukraine since 2016! Our purpose is to serve individuals and families of the poorest communities in Ukraine. Providing food, medical attention, shelter, and education for Ukrainians whose lives have been devastated because of war. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life of poor children and youth by providing basic necessities, critical benefits and services, programs that support long-term development, and opportunities that prepare them for success.

Is Hope for Ukraine a Trustworthy Organization?

Hope for Ukraine received the highest possible ratings on Charity Navigator and Candid, two of the non-profit industry’s most respected charity rating organizations. We are proud that an average of 90 cents of every dollar donated to HFU is invested in delivering care and support to those in need. Check out our other awards and recognitions.

Where Can I View Hope for Ukraine's Financials?

Check out all our 990s and audit reports.

Will I get a receipt?

Yes, you will receive an email receipt for your online donations, or a letter in the mail if we don’t have your email for checks, ACH, and stock. If you made a donation a while ago and still don’t have a receipt, contact us at Donate today and make a positive change.

Can I donate via ACH/wire?

Yes! Hope For Ukraine accepts donations via ACH and wire transfer. Account#: 863626821 Routing/ABA#: 021000021. Please follow up an ACH with an email to so that we know who has donated!

Can I donate by check?

Yes! Make your check, including IRA/QCD transfers, payable to Hope For Ukraine, Inc. to: Hope For Ukraine 101 Eisenhower Pkwy STE 300 Roseland, NJ 07068

Can i donate stocks?

Yes! Please visit our Stock Gifting page:

Can I donate using PayPal or Venmo?

What is Hope For Ukraine (HFU) and what does it do?

Hope For Ukraine is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity organization dedicated to supporting the well-being of Ukrainians affected by the ongoing conflict with Russia. We work towards providing assistance, uplifting lives, and bringing hope to those in need.

How does Hope For Ukraine help those affected by the war?

Hope For Ukraine relies on donations from generous supporters worldwide. With these contributions, we fund essential programs, cover operational costs, and support sustainable projects. Our goal is to address the daily needs of individuals impacted by the conflict and make a positive impact on their lives. Your donations play a crucial role in making this possible.

How can I contribute to Hope For Ukraine's mission?

You can contribute by donating through our website. Your financial support directly impacts the lives of those in need and helps us carry out our humanitarian efforts. You can also contribute by organizing fundraisers and events and volunteering for us.

What specific programs does Hope For Ukraine support?

HFU supports a range of programs aimed at providing humanitarian aid, healthcare, education, refugee programs, and other essential services to Ukrainians affected by the war. Our focus is on creating sustainable solutions for long-term impact. Visit our “Programs” page to learn more about our programs.

How does Hope For Ukraine ensure transparency and accountability in its operations?

We prioritize transparency and accountability in all our activities. We regularly provide updates on our website, detailing the impact of donations, and ensuring that supporters are informed about the progress of our projects. You can check out all our financial reports on our Financials page.

Can I volunteer with Hope For Ukraine?

Yes, we welcome volunteers who are passionate about our mission. Please visit our volunteer page on the website to learn more about how you can get involved.

What is the long-term vision of Hope For Ukraine?

Our long-term vision is to contribute to the sustainable development of Ukraine, fostering positive change and rebuilding lives affected by the conflict. We aim to create lasting solutions that go beyond immediate relief efforts. After the end of the war, we want to continue making positive changes in Ukraine.

How can I stay updated on Hope For Ukraine's activities and impact?

You can stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter, following us on social media, and regularly visiting our website for the latest updates, success stories, and news related to our mission. We regularly share our daily impacts on our website.

How does Hope For Ukraine collaborate with other organizations and partners?

HFU actively collaborates with local and international organizations, forming partnerships to maximize the impact of our initiatives. This collaborative approach ensures a more comprehensive and coordinated response to the ongoing challenges. We have partnered with many prestigious organizations across the globe for our missions.

How does Hope For Ukraine protect the privacy and data of its donors?

We take donor privacy seriously. We adhere to strict confidentiality standards and utilize secure systems to protect donor information. Your personal data is treated with the utmost care and is not shared without your explicit consent.

Are there any upcoming events or campaigns that supporters can participate in?

Yes, we regularly organize events and campaigns to engage our supporters. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for announcements regarding upcoming initiatives, fundraisers, and awareness campaigns.

What impact has Hope For Ukraine already made since its inception?

Hope For Ukraine has made a significant impact by providing crucial assistance to millions of Ukrainians. Visit our impact page on the website to learn more about the specific achievements and positive changes brought about by our initiatives.

Can businesses or corporations collaborate with Hope For Ukraine for corporate social responsibility initiatives?

Absolutely! We welcome collaborations with businesses and corporations interested in corporate social responsibility. Contact our team to explore partnership opportunities and discuss how your company can contribute to our mission.

What is the best way to get in touch with Hope For Ukraine for further inquiries?

For any additional inquiries or information, you can reach out to us through the contact details provided on our website. Our team is ready to assist you and address any questions you may have.

Can I set up a recurring donation to support Hope For Ukraine regularly?

Yes, you can set up a recurring donation on our website. This allows you to provide ongoing support, ensuring a consistent impact on our programs.

Can I make a donation in honor of someone else or as a gift?

Certainly! Many donors choose to make donations in honor of a loved one or as a gift. You can provide details during the donation process to let us know if your contribution is dedicated to someone special.

Are there any minimum or maximum donation amounts?

We appreciate donations of all sizes. There is typically no minimum amount, and we are grateful for every contribution. If you have specific questions about donation amounts, feel free to reach out to our team.

Can I donate physical items such as clothing, food, or medical supplies?

At times, we may have specific donation drives for physical items. You can properly label and drop off your donations at our aid collection site at 37 Vreeland Rd (Unit 102), Florham Park, NJ 07932. Check our website or contact our team to learn about any ongoing initiatives for in-kind donations.

Can I organize a fundraising event to support Hope For Ukraine?

Absolutely! We encourage supporters to organize fundraising events. Contact our team for guidance, resources, and assistance in coordinating events that align with our mission.

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