Aiding Ukrainian Families


Hope for Ukraine, through its dedicated Family Support Project, has been relentlessly working since early December to provide essential aid to those most affected by the ongoing crisis. Starting from December 8, our team of volunteers from Lviv has been instrumental in delivering aid to frontline towns, offering a lifeline to thousands of people every week. This effort is a testament to the collective commitment of our donors and volunteers in providing much-needed assistance.

As we progressed through the month, our efforts continued to touch more lives. On December 11, we delivered winter clothing and children’s products to families in the Sumy region, helping them brace for the harsh winter. This was followed by the distribution of food kits to a village in the Kherson region on December 12, as part of our core mission to ensure that no one in Ukraine goes hungry. The following day, more families in the Kherson region received food kits, reinforcing our ongoing commitment to this cause.

Our volunteers then delivered fresh vegetables to residents in the Kherson region and supported 100 families with small children in the Dnipro region by providing baby food and diapers. Additionally, our partners played a crucial role by assembling and distributing 70 food kits for internally displaced individuals. We continued to send more food kits to the Kherson region, demonstrating our persistent efforts to aid those in need.

An important achievement was the preparation of another container of vital humanitarian aid for shipment from the USA on December 22. This highlighted the global support for our mission, with nearly 300 tons of aid shipped from the USA alone this year. On December 24, in Lviv, we reached out to 70 internally displaced families with winter clothing and food kits, ensuring they have the essentials during the holiday season.

The journey of Hope for Ukraine is far from over, and every contribution makes a significant impact. We invite you to join us in this humanitarian effort. Your donations can bring hope and relief to many families facing hardship. Please consider supporting our Family Support Project. Together, we can continue to provide essential aid and uphold our commitment to those in dire need during these challenging times.


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