Bread for Smiles


As part of our family support initiative, our volunteers are passionately engaged in the task of baking bread for civilians living near the frontline. This heartwarming initiative forms a central component of our outreach work, giving comfort and sustenance to those grappling with the tough realities of life on the edge of conflict. The simple act of providing fresh bread not only meets a basic need, but also brings a sense of normalcy and the joy of shared community to these hard-pressed families.

Our commitment to nourishing those in need is reflected in the allocation of our resources, with 80% of our budget dedicated to feeding programs. Recognizing the importance of food security, we strive to maintain this focus as a pillar of our organization’s purpose. Through our endeavors, we aim to inject warmth and optimism into the lives of the people we serve, and it is deeply rewarding to witness the smiles that our work inspires. Every loaf baked and every meal served reinforces our determination to continue this vital mission.

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