Compassion Fuels Action


The work being done by our passionate volunteers in Ukraine is truly inspirational. Week after week, they trek to the most secluded parts of the country, carrying with them vital aid to the families who need it the most. We’ve been able to deliver invaluable support to families in the Kirovograd region, all thanks to the benevolent donation from Proctor & Gamble. Over 200 families in this region now have access to essential resources that they were previously without. In times as challenging as these, such acts of kindness and generosity are truly life-changing.

 Proctor & Gamble’s contribution extends beyond the material aid they provide; their dedication to improving the lives of these families echoes in each package delivered, in every face lit with relief. Their commitment strengthens our resolve and boosts our capability to reach those who are the most in need. As a result, each week, we are able to help over 1500 families, a testament to the power of collective action. We are profoundly grateful to Proctor & Gamble for their partnership and commitment.

 If you’re reading this and feel moved to make a difference, we urge you to join us in this mission. The impact of your support could transform lives in ways you can’t even imagine. DONATE NOW!

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