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Inspire positive change by contributing to Ukraine’s well-being. Donate to Ukraine today and make a difference as we come together to support essential aid and create a brighter future for those in need in Ukraine.


Donate to Ukraine

In the face of unprecedented challenges, Ukraine urgently needs global cooperation and support due to the ongoing conflict that has displaced countless families. These families are struggling to meet basic needs like food, shelter, education, and healthcare, with shortages and disruptions worsening the situation and making access to essential items critical.

Your donation to Ukraine is a powerful gesture of solidarity amid these immense challenges. It goes beyond just a financial contribution; it directly provides essential aid for Ukraine’s cause, including food, shelter, education, and healthcare, addressing the urgent needs arising from the humanitarian crisis caused by the conflict. Ukraine relies on global cooperation and individual generosity to rebuild communities and pave the way for a brighter future. Your crucial donation to Ukraine supports charities that address displacement, food shortages, and limited access to necessities. It presents an opportunity to join a collective effort that brings relief, hope, and resilience to those affected.

In times of crisis, each donation becomes a lifeline, offering practical assistance and demonstrating unity in adversity. If you’re wondering how to donate to Ukraine, your aid and support for Ukraine ease the burden on families, facilitate healthcare access, and contribute to overall recovery efforts. Together, we can make a significant difference and provide a pathway to a better tomorrow for those impacted by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Donate for Ukraine’s relief to be a part of this crucial effort. Be a part of making an impact in Ukraine.

How to Donate to Ukraine: Hope For Ukraine?


There are many ways you can donate to Hope For Ukraine:
ACH and Wire Transfer:
Account Number: 863626821
Routing/ABA Number: 021000021
Note: If donating via ACH, please follow up with an email to to ensure proper acknowledgment.

Donate by Check:
Make checks, including IRA/QCD transfers, payable to Hope For Ukraine, Inc.
Mailing Address:
Hope For Ukraine
101 Eisenhower Pkwy STE 300
Roseland, NJ 07068

Donate Stock:
Donate Stock by visiting our Stock Gifting page.

Donate via PayPal or Venmo:
PayPal: Donate via PayPal
Venmo: @HopeForUkraine

Receipts and Confirmation:
For online donations, you will receive an email receipt. A letter will be mailed to you for checks, ACH, and stock donations. If you haven’t received a receipt and made a donation a while ago, please get in touch with Hope For Ukraine at for assistance.

Your Donation to Ukraine Makes a Difference

Every donation to Hope For Ukraine becomes a source of hope for those in need of assistance in Ukraine. Your donation can make impacts like these. Consider these impactful examples:

  • A $10 contribution ensures room and board for one internally displaced individual at our refugee center in Lviv.
  • With a $20 donation, you provide a 10-day supply of groceries for families across Ukraine, distributed weekly.
  • A $250 donation covers the fuel expenses for our dedicated volunteers, enabling aid transportation from our Lviv warehouse to frontline towns in Eastern Ukraine.
  • A $300 contribution empowers 30 children to participate in our after-school educational programs.
  • Donating $500 can provide essential medical screenings to 10 internally displaced individuals.
  • An $8000 contribution facilitates shipping a 20-ton container filled with humanitarian aid from the USA to Ukraine.

Regardless of the amount, your support directly contributes to Ukraine’s recovery, rebuilding lives and fostering resilience in communities affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Donate to Ukraine today and help Ukraine charity in rebuilding communities and creating a positive contribution to Ukraine’s future.


If we would like to donate using check or money order. Please make them payable to Hope For Ukraine and mail them to:


Hope For Ukraine
101 Eisenhower Pkwy Ste 300
Roseland, NJ 07068

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a donation to Hope for Ukraine?

To make a donation to Hope for Ukraine, you can visit our official donation page. We offer various convenient methods, including online payments and bank transfers. Simply follow the provided instructions to choose the option that suits you best and contribute to making a positive impact in the lives of Ukrainian families.

What will my donation be used for?

Your donation plays a crucial role in supporting the Family Support Project. Donation is used to provide essential assistance to needy families across Ukraine, including food aid, clothing, and other necessities. Your contribution will directly contribute to alleviating the hardships faced by those affected by conflict. Please visit our Financials page for a detailed report of all our expenses.

Can I specify how I want my donation to be utilized?

Yes, indicate your preference for areas like Family Support or food aid during the donation process.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, your donations are tax-deductible. We appreciate your generosity, and we provide the necessary documentation for tax purposes. When you make a donation, you will receive the relevant information and receipts to ensure that you can benefit yourself of any applicable tax benefits.

How can I stay updated on the impact of my donation?

You can stay updated by subscribing to our newsletters, following us on social media channels, or checking our website regularly. We regularly share daily impact updates, success stories, and reports on how your contributions are making a meaningful difference in the lives of Ukrainian families.