Supporting Communities and Beyond


Hope for Ukraine has been actively involved in various humanitarian activities both locally and internationally to support those affected by the ongoing conflict.

In our effort to nurture the future generation, our after-school programs in Kriviy Rih inspire children by teaching them arts and crafts, thereby helping them cope with emotional stress from the war. Additionally, our educational programs include skill-building classes where children embroider and express their creativity through different characters each week.

Our commitment extends beyond education as we distribute vital resources to those in dire need. In northern Ukraine, our dedicated volunteers have been providing fresh bread and food kits to the residents. Similarly, in the Zaporizha region, 20 families recently received essential food kits and hygiene products. Such efforts are mirrored in Kharkiv, where 100 families with small children were supplied with food, hygiene products, and household necessities.

Internationally, as HFU expands its Refugee Assistance Program in the USA in collaboration with the Ukrainian National Society, we aim to reach more Ukrainian refugees and provide them with the necessary support. Our initiatives also include sending containers filled with humanitarian aid from New Jersey to Ukraine, ensuring a continuous flow of aid.

Our support for the brave individuals on the frontline remains unwavering. HFU has delivered essential supplies including firewood for heating at an internally displaced center, benefiting over 60 individuals. Additionally, defenders have received first aid kits and other crucial supplies to aid their resilience in face of adversity.

HFU is dedicated to making a significant impact through our broad range of activities and partnerships. We invite you to join us in our mission to provide hope and essential support to those affected by the crisis in Ukraine. Your support can make a real difference in the lives of many. Join us in bringing hope where it’s needed most.


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