A Taste of Home


At a recent event in Highland Park, Hope for Ukraine, in partnership with Universal Yums, a snack company from New Jersey, provided Ukrainian families with a comforting slice of their homeland. This gathering on Sunday was not just an act of support but an endeavor to reconnect these families with the flavors of Ukraine, creating a moment of joy and nostalgia amid their challenges as refugees.

This initiative is a significant part of Hope for Ukraine’s monthly campaign, designed to reach out to the Ukrainian community displaced across the USA. By distributing 300 snack boxes filled with Ukrainian treats, at no cost to the recipients, the campaign aims to ease the longing for home for those who had to flee under distressing circumstances. It’s a gesture to remind them of the warmth and familiarity of the homeland they’ve been forced to leave behind.

We encourage your support for Hope for Ukraine in their continuous efforts to assist Ukrainian families during these difficult times. Your contributions can extend the reach of this campaign, ensuring more refugees can experience the comfort and connection of receiving a piece of their homeland. Join us in helping Ukraine, and play a role in providing hope and a taste of home to those who yearn for it the most.

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