Combatting Hunger


In the southern regions of Ukraine, many villages are grappling with the aftermath of conflicts and occupation. Our teams have been working tirelessly to ensure that residents of these liberated villages do not have to face hunger amidst the challenges they already confront. Bread and food kits have been systematically distributed, aiming to provide immediate relief and sustenance. Every day, we are on the frontlines, battling hunger and ensuring that no one in these areas goes without a meal. The strength and resilience of the community inspire us to push forward, no matter the hurdles.

The scale of need is immense, but with collective efforts, we can make a lasting difference. By joining us in this mission, you can play an instrumental role in ensuring that countless individuals and families are fed and cared for. We sincerely invite you to contribute and stand with us in our commitment to alleviating hunger in Ukraine.

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