From Arts to Aid: HFU’s Weekly Wonders


Last week, Hope for Ukraine once again demonstrated the immense impact of compassion and solidarity through a series of uplifting initiatives across the country. In the Kirovograd region, our after-school arts and crafts program continued to be a beacon of hope and joy for children. Amidst the uncertainty of war, this initiative offers a precious escape, allowing young minds to explore creativity and find solace in expression, eagerly anticipating each week’s session.

Our dedication to providing essential support was evident in the Kherson region, where HFU volunteers reached out to 42 families with a delivery of much-needed food, hygiene products, and clothing. This act of kindness ensures that those facing the hardships of conflict can find some relief and comfort during these trying times. Similarly, in Kriviy Rih, our commitment to the well-being of the elderly shone through as volunteers distributed new mattresses to 117 seniors, ensuring their comfort and care.

Highlighting the transformative power of medical assistance, young Eugenia’s life was forever changed through a successful scoliosis correction surgery, one of the four such life-altering surgeries funded this year by our Medical Support project. This initiative not only changes lives but also brings hope to many facing health challenges amidst the backdrop of conflict.

Our volunteers also demonstrated unwavering support for the community and the brave defenders on the frontline. By serving hot soup and distributing food kits in the Kherson region and delivering food to soldiers, HFU provided sustenance and a touch of home to those defending the country. Furthermore, the arrival of another humanitarian aid container from the USA, a testament to the global support rallying behind Ukraine, underscores HFU’s commitment to delivering emergency aid and bringing hope to those in need.

We invite you to join us in this journey of hope and solidarity. Your support can make a significant difference in the lives of many, offering relief, comfort, and a brighter future amidst adversity. Together, with partners like @universalyums, we continue to spread joy and hope across Ukraine and to refugee families in the USA. Your contribution can help sustain and expand these vital initiatives. Stand with us, and let’s bring more hope to Ukraine.


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