Helping Kherson Families


In the heart of the Kherson region, a simple act of kindness unfolded as our dedicated volunteers distributed food kits to local families in need. Over 50 families felt a touch of hope and warmth through this distribution event, illuminating the reality that a little help can go a long way, especially in times of struggle. Each kit, packed with essential food items, was not just a box of provisions but a tangible expression of care and solidarity from the community to every recipient.

While we’ve made a meaningful impact together in these moments, the need persists, reaching far beyond a single event or a handful of families. The Family Support Program continues to strive to alleviate burdens and light a spark of hope amidst the daily challenges encountered by families across Kherson. If you feel touched by the unified efforts witnessed in Kherson, we invite you to contribute to our Family Support Program, helping to uplift and extend a helping hand to more families in the region.


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