Love for Children of Mykolayiv


In the heart of the Mykolayiv region, we bear witness to a series of poignant, touching moments that deeply resonate with our humanity. We are privileged to witness an amalgamation of emotions, from joy to gratitude, as we distribute 80 aid packages specifically designed for children, an initiative of our Child’s Smile project. The air is rich with a palpable sense of relief, as families in dire need receive these packages. You see, each package not only carries essential items, but it also carries a strong message of hope, care, and solidarity.

 The sight of smiles dancing on the innocent faces of children is an experience that fills our hearts with overwhelming joy and spurs us on, energizing our mission. It’s a testament to the potential of human kindness, demonstrating how it can transform lives and inspire smiles, even in the most challenging circumstances. It is these moments of pure happiness that act as our north star, driving us to persevere and continue our efforts.

We firmly believe that together, we can cultivate an environment of optimism and promise for every child. We aspire to touch every young heart with our work, striving to bring about a wave of happiness and hope that can echo throughout the Mykolayiv region and beyond.


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