Lviv Dental Care


As part of our unwavering commitment to the holistic welfare of refugees at our center in Lviv, we undertook the task of setting up a remote dental clinic. Recognizing the vital importance of oral health, often neglected in times of crises, we endeavored to bring this service to those displaced from their homes and regular healthcare provisions. The initiative was met with overwhelming participation, a testament to the pressing need for such medical services among the refugee population. It allowed us to provide crucial dental examinations for over 20 refugees, bringing them one step closer to comprehensive healthcare access and thereby improving their quality of life.


Though seemingly focused on oral health, this successful venture symbolizes our broader commitment, the Refugee Project, to ensure refugee welfare. We firmly believe in delivering crucial health services to those in need, providing a sense of normalcy amidst their current upheaval. With each dental check-up completed, we not only enhance a refugee’s well-being, but also sow seeds of hope and resilience. The radiance of their smiles, thus cared for, underscores our mission and motivates us to continue our endeavors for the all-encompassing welfare of those entrusted to our care.


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