More Aid to Ukraine


In the face of ongoing conflict, a significant beacon of hope has emerged with the recent delivery of an additional 20 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. This monumental act of kindness, spearheaded by @proctergamble and @m25m_org, is designed to provide crucial assistance to the victims of war. This massive consignment of resources is much more than just a donation; it’s a lifeline to those struggling amidst the ravages of war, and a clear demonstration of global solidarity in times of crisis.


Critical to the success of this endeavor has been our logistics partner, @novaposhta. They have demonstrated incredible support throughout the process, generously providing transportation for the aid at no expense. Their contribution has substantially maximized the efficiency and reach of our efforts, making it possible to deliver the much-needed aid more effectively. This form of active compassion goes beyond simple corporate social responsibility; it’s an exemplary model of how businesses can step up in times of crisis, contributing materially and logistically to aid those most in need.

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