Rebuilding Lives Together


In the Kherson region, our dedicated group of volunteers embarked on a crucial mission of care, delivering clean water and fresh bread to households in need. Through the #FamilySupportProject, a concerted effort is being made to ensure that the basic needs of every household are met. This initiative spans across Ukraine, and approximately 1500 families receive weekly assistance through the Family Support Project. This assistance includes food kits that sustain a family of four for around 10 days, as well as hygiene products and clothing which are provided during each aid giveaway event. As the active war ends, the focus of the initiative will shift towards helping families achieve long-term stability, preventing academic disruptions for children, and guiding them from a state of crisis to one of stability.

The aftermath of war leaves communities devastated and in dire need of support to rebuild their lives. The #FamilySupportProject is not only about meeting the immediate needs of families but also about ensuring their long-term wellbeing. The initiative is designed to prevent academic disruptions for children, a crucial aspect of ensuring a brighter future for the next generation. By guiding families from crisis to stability, the initiative aims to create a sustainable impact that goes beyond merely addressing immediate needs. The call to donate and share the cause is a call to start changing the world, one family at a time.

By contributing to this cause, individuals can play a part in rebuilding communities and shaping a better future for those affected by the conflict. DONATE NOW!

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