Vinnitsa Helping Hands


In Vinnitsa, many families find themselves displaced from their homes, confronting unfamiliar surroundings with uncertainty. Our volunteers, with their relentless spirit, are there to stand by them, offering clothing to warm their bodies and food to nourish their souls. These simple yet impactful gestures go a long way in ensuring that these families, though uprooted, never feel alone or forgotten.

Each package of clothes or food delivered carries with it a message of hope, a testament to the community’s commitment to support one another in trying times. These acts, though they may seem small, make a world of difference to those receiving them, transforming their hardships into stories of resilience and community strength. If you wish to be a part of this narrative of compassion and unity, please consider donating to our Family Support Program, and let’s keep the spirit of togetherness alive in Vinnitsa.


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