Year-End Giving


In the last week of December 2023, Hope for Ukraine (HFU) embarked on a series of heartwarming activities, spreading hope and joy across the country. On December 25, together with our partners, we distributed Christmas gifts to children in various parts of Ukraine, bringing the festive spirit to life for these young hearts.

The following day, our volunteers in Southern Ukraine organized a special lunch and distributed food kits to senior citizens, ensuring that the joy of the season reached all ages. In the Odessa region, children’s faces lit up with smiles as they received their Christmas gifts, a testament to the spirit of giving that defines the holidays.

On December 27, in the Donetsk region, our focus shifted to providing food to those in need. Under the initiative “Hope begins with a meal,” we aimed to alleviate the challenges faced by many during these tough times, offering not just food, but also a sense of community and support.

Our efforts continued unabated on December 28 in Kharkiv, where our volunteers distributed food kits to 500 internally displaced individuals. Meanwhile, in Siversk, Donetsk region, the theme “HOPE BEGINS WITH MEAL” resonated as we continued feeding people affected by the ongoing situation, ensuring that no one was left behind during these trying times.

As the year drew to a close, more children across Ukraine received holiday gifts from HFU. Our commitment to let the young hearts of Ukraine know that they are not forgotten remained steadfast. On December 31, another load of humanitarian aid arrived in Ukraine, a symbol of our unwavering support and dedication to those in need. As we reflect on the week’s achievements, we invite you to join us in this noble cause. Your support through donations can help us continue our efforts to bring hope and aid to the people of Ukraine. Let’s work together to make a significant difference in their lives.


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